Meet the Maker: Family Box

Meet the Maker is a blog series focused on introducing and sharing the story of other makers, artisans and small business owners doing creative work that reflects the Maker. Our hope is to build a community that is collaborative, open and encouraging as we unpack the Why behind the What.  

This week we're featuring Family Box. We spoke with founders Josh and Trisha Berry about their story and are excited to share it with you. Their weekly devotional product is a fantastic supplement to meaningful family time.

Why did you start Family Box?
As a busy young family of six, we desired to instill in our children the teachings of Christ. Sure, we attended church and Sunday school, but despite our best efforts and intentions, we were failing. Life is busy. Activities are consuming. Attention spans wane. Patience levels deplete. After speaking with other parents, we learned that we weren't alone in this every day struggle, and we felt called to start Family Box - a subscription box created to form consistent family devotion time. The concept is simple: 4 lessons + 4 crafts + 4 memory Bible verses = an easy, fun and eternal difference.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Building His kingdom and hearing about how Family Box is positively impacting the growth of families' time in the Word and doing devotions.

What are your biggest challenges?
Time. There never seems to be enough of it in the day to accomplish all that we want to do to help Family Box achieve its full potential. Additionally, maintaining our identify and the core of our mission in conversations with publishers or acquisitions; it's becoming clearer and clearer exactly what we want Family Box to be; the challenge becomes aligning with the right partner.

What's your big audacious dream for your work?
That we would be serving thousands of families by next year!

What's the biggest lesson you've learned since starting your business?
What's the biggest lesson you've learned since starting your business? You have to be very parsimonious with your time and focused on your core intent. If you lose sight of WHY you're in business, the daily pressures and frustrations can consume you. Conversely, we never could have dreamed how fulfilling it would feel to make such an impact on families' lives all around the globe or imagine how much our own family would grow stronger as a result of building this ministry together!
How to Connect with Family Box:
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Josh and Trisha have been kind enough to offer readers a great discount. Use Code MAKER10 to get your first month's subscription for just $10 (savings of $15)! Click here to give Family Box a try.

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