What does it mean to live with purpose?

Purpose is boundless.

There are roughly 7.3 billion people alive today at this very moment. In the same way that every single one of those people is unique  — quite a perspective on the creative nature of God! — every person has a distinct opportunity to live with purpose.

Purpose looks different for everyone. It’s as varied and innumerable as snowflakes.

Sometimes it means making a decision that will change your life. Sometimes it means a single encouraging word to someone who’s hurting. Whatever it is, God has put something in front of you to pursue today with all you have. And we have this wonderful promise: whatever He has set before you and called you to, He has provided grace sufficient to walk in it faithfully.

There are no wasted days in the story God is writing in each of our hearts and lives. No wasted moments. Everything we do today we can do for the glory of the one who created us and calls us to Himself. This truth infuses everyday, mundane tasks with eternal purpose.

My prayer is that this perspective propels us to go forth and live with full hope and joy, knowing we are loved and equipped and forgiven and set free to live a life full of beauty and grace. He pours it into our lives — not for us to hoard, but to share and pour out on those around us.

In this way we shine as lights in darkness.

So whatever you face today, remember that the size of your worth is not measured by how the world determines success. It’s measured by the one who called you by name before time began.

He’s with you. Live like it.

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